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IOSsoft Launches Register Express Pro

IOSsoft is proud to announce the launch of a new e-Government platform for business registries: Register Express Pro. This plug and play, low cost solution follows the best practices for business registry implementation outlined in The World Bank’ Doing Business Index under the Starting a Business indicator.

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IOSsoft to implement a Single Window project in Trinidad & Tobago

IOS Partners and its affiliate, IOSsoft Inc., are quickly becoming the go to experts in the implementation of international single window solutions. In addition to the award in Peru, the Inter – American Development Bank (IDB) has awarded IOSsoft with a $425,000 contract to provide technical assistance and expertise to the “Strengthening of the Single Electronic Window for Trade and Business Facilitation” project in Trinidad & Tobago.

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IOSsoft To Develop Software Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

We are proud to announce that our subsidiary company, IOSsoft will be developing software solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa on a World Bank contract. IOSsoft’s parent company, IOS Partners has extensive knowledge and resources and successfully completed a myriad of projects in the region.

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