IOS Partners and IOSsoft to implement a National Single Window system in Malawi


We are excited to announce that IOS Partners and IOSsoft are preparing to begin a National Single Window (MNSW) project in Malawi. This project is part of the second phase of the Southern Africa Trade and Transport Facilitation Program (SATTFP SOP2) by the World Bank.

Since 2008, several reforms have been implemented in order to improve the environment for trading across borders in Malawi. These include the reduction in the number of documents required for importing and exporting, the adoption of a risk-based inspection system and a post destination clearance program for pre-approved traders, the improvement in customs clearance procedures and transport links between the port of Beira in Mozambique and Blantyre, and the introduction of the web-based customs data management platform, ASYCUDA World. Despite these reforms, Malawi only ranks 11th in the Sub-Saharan region and 117th in the world under the Trading Across Borders indicator of the World Bank’s  2018 Doing Business Report.

Being a landlocked country, Malawi is facing extra challenges in terms of increasing its trade competitiveness at both regional and international levels.  The IOS team of experts believes that the implementation of the (MNSW) will aid the government in overcoming these challenges. According to Pedro Souss, the managing director of IOSsoft and the lead IT expert on this project, “the IOS’ single window solution in Malawi will introduce a superior trade facilitation environment, reduce trade transaction costs through reduced administration burden, and simplify the complex system of data submission and regulatory control”.  The scope of work is divided into eight inter-related task clusters, the output of which will form the MNSW blueprint that will guide the government’s approach to establish the appropriate functional model, fee structure, technical architecture, legislative basis, and cost estimates.

IOS Partners and IOSsoft’s national electronic single window solution is quickly becoming a standard in the international economic development world, being known for its ability to efficiently solve complex trade logistics and reduce transaction costs. The IOS team of experts is optimistic that the mission in Malawi will benefit the local communities by expanding their export and growth opportunities both regionally and worldwide.

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IOS Partners

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