IOSsoft To Develop Software Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

We are proud to announce that our subsidiary company, IOSsoft will be developing software solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa on a World Bank contract. IOSsoft’s parent company, IOS Partners has extensive knowledge and resources and successfully completed a myriad of projects in the region.

IOSsoft develops web and mobile –based solutions, coupled with an in-depth understanding of international economic development and growth, to support governments, multilateral donors, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and the private sector to implement complex Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) solutions worldwide. IOSsoft’s responsibilities include software planning, mobile and web technology development, and the implementation of social media campaigns for the public sector, which are all strictly tied to the World Bank’s Doing Business Indicators, with a focus on comprehensive and turn-key solutions that cover the legal, operational and administrative frameworks that enable a favorable business climate.

For more information about IOSsoft, please visit the company’s webpage at

IOS Partners
IOS Partners

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