IOSsoft launches Social Media for the Public Sector service


We are proud to announce that IOS Partners’ fully owned subsidiary, IOSsoft Inc., is adding a new service to its line of ICT4D and e-Government solutions: Social Media Services for the Public Sector.

According to Pedro Souss, IOSsoft’s Managing Director, companies need to “jump on the social media bandwagon in order to better serve its clients. The private sector has embraced the digital world – it’s about time the public sector follows suit!”. Mr. Souss’ claims are supported by current global trends. According to a report by Hootsuite and We Are Social, the number of social media users has increased by over 20% in the past year, with now over a third of the world’s population using social media every month. In addition to that, social media advertising spending is expected to pass newspapers by 2020 according to Fortune Magazine. Businesses all over the world understand the potential of the digital world and have long since started running successful social media campaigns to raise brand awareness, increase sales, and connect to their broader customer base.

The public sector must learn from these successes and adopt a similar social media model that helps ease communication and promotes better services for its constituents. IOSsoft brings extensive experience and expertise in this field to our mandates, with a proven record of developing social media campaigns for the governments of Lao PDR and Brunei. The company provides custom-made solutions across all social media platforms that aid governments in establishing a meaningful connection with the general public.

IOSsoft’s approach to social media for the public sector is fully integrated with the ICT4D and eGovernment solutions that the company offers.

The services include:

  • High-level social media strategydeveloping social media strategies, including messaging, positioning, branding, and comprehensive analysis of the target market
  • Planning, design and execution of awareness and lead generation programs webinars, conferences, inbound and outbound campaigns, target account programs and channel campaigns that will drive demand and awareness
  • Content creation and delivery across channels white papers, newsletters, sales, collateral, case studies, video and infographics that bring stories to life.
  • Management of day-to-day operations CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, lead flow and tracking to create solid, standard processes that keep things running smoothly.

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