IOSsoft to implement a Single Window project in Trinidad & Tobago


IOS Partners and its affiliate, IOSsoft Inc., are quickly becoming the go to experts in the implementation of international single window solutions. In addition to the award in Peru, the Inter–American Development Bank (IDB) has awarded IOSsoft with a $425,000 contract to provide technical assistance and expertise to the “Strengthening of the Single Electronic Window for Trade and Business Facilitation” project in Trinidad and Tobago.

In 2010, the government of Trinidad and Tobago started the implementation of its first Single Window portal, TTBizLink, in an effort to improve the ease of doing business and instill a culture of transparency. The first of its kind in the Caribbean region, TTBizLink is a secure business portal that provides 24/7 access to forty-five trade and business related e-services administered by 24 governmental agencies across nine ministries. The portal has been successful in reducing the need to send duplicates and repetitive information to multiple agencies, improving information sharing and removing inefficient trade and business processes.

Despite the success of TTBizLink in some areas, its impact on the business climate, investments and trade facilitation has been minor. Trinidad and Tobago ranks only 83rd out of 137 economies in the newly released Global Competitiveness Index, and 102nd (126th in the Trading Across Borders category) out of 190 countries in the 2018 Doing Business report.

The IOSsoft team of experts understands the current situation it’s goal is to improve the trade performance and enhance the competitiveness of Trinidad & Tobago through the strengthening of the existing single window portal.

“The key objectives of our mission are to optimize and simplify trade and business procedures, reduce time & transaction costs, and improve interoperability between national institutions and external partners” says the managing director of IOSsoft Pedro Souss.

In addition to these primary goals, the IOSsoft team hopes their work will help Trinidad and Tobago become an international trade hub and gateway to the Caribbean, as well as an example of good governance and efficiency in the region.

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IOS Partners

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