In September 2022, IOS Partners, Inc. signed four fisheries projects with the Government of Madagascar to develop coastal zone management plans (“Plan d’Aménagement des Pêcheries”) for the Malagasy regions of ANOSY, SOFIA, SAVA and DIANA. The objective of the government is to improve the governance and use of fishing resources through strategic planning. Fishery represented 6,6% of the national GDP of Madagascar in 2018.

In the first three months of the projects, IOS Partners, Inc. carried out scope assessments to establish goals and priorities and determine the key stakeholders to engage for each PAP. Going into 2023, the firm will conduct fields surveys in order to collect information on and from the local communities of fishermen. IOS Partners, Inc.’s experts will then proceed to drafting practical management plans, including the risks and challenges that the Government of Madagascar could face in implementing them, and the regulatory statutes necessary for their application.

IOS Partners, Inc. is obliged to the Ministry of Agriculture of Madagascar for their renewed trust after the successful completion of a feasibility study of a sea cucumber hatchery in the last quarter of 2022. Its consultants are excited to continue to work hand in hand with the SWIOFish2 unit on these new projects.

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Quentin Lambert

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