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IOS Partners, Inc. finalized a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture of Madagascar on December  20th, 2022 to draft and/or update implementation acts to enforce the new fisheries law (“Code de la Pêche et de l’Aquaculture”) passed in 2018. The goal of the law is to overhaul the governance and sustainable management of fishing resources, and generally improve the regulation of the fishing industry in Madagascar.

IOS Partners’ Inc.’s fishing and legal experts will have four months to draft and/or finalize legal instruments such as statutes to be adopted and published by the Malagasy authorities. The firm will conduct research and consult technical and legal stakeholders to draft the texts, in particular in relation to the protection of endangered marine species.

IOS Partners, Inc. will soon begin work to present its methodology and timeline to the client in an inception meeting. By the end of the project, the firm will deliver and present fourteen regulatory statutes to the Ministry’s legal experts.

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