Feasibility Study for Nacala Airport City and an Industrial Zone Within


In April 2017, IOS Partners, Inc. was contracted by the World Bank’s Integrated Growth Poles Project to assist the Government of Mozambique and, specifically, the Agency for Promotion of Investment and Exports (APIEX) in assessing the feasibility of the Nacala Airport City Project and the Industrial Zone within.

The study was conducted in two phases with the first phase assessing the preliminary viability of the project by undertaking industry analysis and demand forecast. To achieve this objective of Phase I, the IOS Partners team interviewed 150 international and national potential investors and analyzed their responses to determine the demand of certain industries to locate within the proposed industrial zone and the airport city.  

For this project, IOS Partners undertook the following activities:

  • Phase I
    • Benchmarking
    • An Industry/Market Assessment
    • A Demand Forecast for the Airport City Project and Industrial Zone
    • Site Assessment
  • Phase II
    • Master Planning
    • Infrastructure Planning and Cost Estimations
    • Environmental and Social Review
    • Economic Model and Analysis
    • Financial Model and Analysis
    • Implementation Mechanisms and Options

Financial and economic analysis undertaken by the IOS team showed positive returns for potential investors, and the stakeholder workshop for the final report revealed that some developers have already expressed an active interest in working with the government to build and potentially operate the industrial zone. The project is expected to greatly enhance economic activities in the Nacala area, create thousands of jobs, and aid the development of the Nacala tourism sector.

Katty Metreveli
Katty Metreveli
Director of Project Management, International Development at IOS Partners, Inc.

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