The IOS Partners team offers a range of expertise to facilitate the development of financial services and capital markets worldwide. The firm provides consulting services to public and private financial institutions in emerging and developing markets in the following areas:

  • Development and management of financial sector strategies

  • Central bank and monetary policy reforms

  • Bank supervision, reform and restructuring

  • Risk analysis, mitigation and capacity building

  • Capital market and non-bank financial market development

  • Accounting reform towards international accounting & auditing standards

  • Pension and insurance industry reform

  • Actuarial modeling-demographic and forecast analysis

  • Legal, policy, and institutional framework development

  • Information technology solutions

  • Capacity building and knowledge transfer

IOS Partners has worked closely with officials of ministries, regulatory agencies, securities markets, banks, brokerage firms, and various multilateral and international institutions in developing capital markets and non-bank financial markets. We provide technical and advisory services in designing and delivering proven capacity building programs for building sustainability among the institutions and individuals tasked with successfully orchestrating prudential supervision and risk management programs, developing financial markets and maintaining the success of the strategies post-implementation.

The firm carries the proven ability to facilitate communication and knowledge transfer to create sustainable efficient systems. IOS Partners has participated in financial sector reform projects and assistance programs in over 40 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe.