IOS Partners is a global leader in the strategic development, modernization, privatization, restructuring, liberalization and regulation of airlines, airports and civil aviation authorities. Our team provides advisory services in all aspects of passenger and cargo air transport, including:

  • Air transport strategic planning

  • Airport planning, design and management

  • Air transport privatization and concession strategies

  • Airport certification services & audits

  • Enterprise valuation

  • Economic and financial forecasting

  • Demand analysis

  • Financial and operational audits

  • Collaborative airspace management solutions

  • Cost accounting

  • Organizational and institutional restructuring

  • Legal, regulatory and policy reform

  • Air transport safety and security training and capacity building

  • Air service and route development

  • Airline restructuring and privatization

  • Marketing studies

  • Information technology solutions

  • Environmental and social assessments

The IOS aviation team offers a range of expertise to facilitate the development of air transport infrastructure and improve aviation safety and security worldwide.

IOS Partners’ principals and experts are renowned aviation scholars, former CEO’s of airlines, airport managers and government regulators with internationally recognized expertise in all aspects of airport design, planning and development, airline privatization and restructuring, civil aviation legal, regulatory and institutional reform and strengthening, and air service development. The firm’s capabilities have been developed through years of experience creating solutions for the most difficult, fundamental problems facing our clients in the civil aviation industry.

IOS Partners has provided aviation solutions in over 55 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe.