Investment Promotion

IOS Partners has extensive investment promotion and policy advisory services, bringing the following experiences to their Clients worldwide:

Global Experience with Investment Policy and Promotion: IOS Partners has proven experience in developing investment policy and promotion, having developed the National Investment Promotion Strategy for Lesotho, undertaken a foreign and domestic investment opportunity identification assignment in Nicaragua, and created the investment promotion strategy for the Bagré site in Burkina Faso, among many other projects.

Proven Experience in Investor Surveys: Our investment policy experience is complemented by our investor survey expertise, seen in our two projects in Lesotho developing a National Investment Promotion Strategy and introducing a National Investment Tracker Solution, as well as multiple investor/private participant surveys on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects. We also undertook significant investor surveys in order to identify foreign and national investment opportunities in the aforementioned Nicaragua project.

Strong Experience in Economic and Sector Analysis: Our economic and sector analysis experience is evidenced by our work developing the wine sector in the Republic of Georgia and our development of a national private sector strategy in Cameroon, as well as multiple other projects in the region and worldwide which focus on analyzing Foreign Direct Investment opportunities.