Public-Private Partnerships

Creating sustainable jobs, easier access to food, water and education

IOS Partners focuses on a “People-First” Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) approach. This ensures that the on-the-ground stakeholders are prioritized by creating sustainable, jobs that promote well-being, easier access to food, water and education. As well as implementing a gender equality approach.

Our experts have worked with clients across the entire project life cycle from project identification, to pre-feasibility and financial analysis, full feasibility assessment, tender and project development preceding contract negotiation and management.

Across a range of contexts, we have succeeded with increasing participation in the provision of public services, conducting feasibility studies for specific projects, providing advisory services in divestitures, and assisting governments in improving their negotiating capacity within the private sector

Highlighted projects​


Training on Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships

Training on Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships

Conducted a training needs assessment and led training for government officials to introduce basic PPP concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques translated to the Azerbaijani context

El Salvador

Feasibility Studies for a PPP for the AIESMOARG Air Cargo Terminal

Feasibility Studies for a PPP for the AIESMOARG Air Cargo Terminal

Conducted an analysis of the feasibility of the development of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for possible inclusion in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the Air Cargo Terminal. Conducted a demand study, determined businesses’ profiles that might be interested in the SEZ, developed a real estate business model for the airport, and analyzed alternate organizational arrangements for managing the SEZ


Potential Infrastructure PPPs

Potential Infrastructure PPPs

Developed a methodology to support the analysis and prioritization of PPP projects, developed a prioritized list of projects, and finalized a defined PPP pipeline for future implementation

Southern Africa

SADC Public-Private Partnership Program Support

SADC Public-Private Partnership Program Support

Undertook the initial analysis for 42 identified priority infrastructure projects through the development of screening criteria and methodology and carry out subsequent pre-feasibility studies for five shortlisted PPP projects.

We were pleased to work closely with IOS Partners and appreciated its initiative, creativity in problem-solving, and commitment to building consensus with relevant stakeholders and to achieve project objectives for the Development of Logistics Hubs along the National Trade Corridor Highway in Pakistan. IOS Partners provided sound analytical work and practical solutions. Due to IOS’ dedication to success, we were able to identify timely and efficient solutions in a complicated environment.

Hong Wang

Director of Transport and Communications division, ADB

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