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In August 2022, IOS Partners, Inc. entered into a contract with a local consulting firm to work with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Revision to the Customer Protection Regulations. The overall objective of the project is to update the existing executive regulations to protect the rights of customers in order to keep pace with the dynamic developments in the field of civil aviation, and to align these with the strategy of the General Authority of Civil Aviation emanating from the Saudi Vision 2030.

IOS Partners, Inc. has conducted a benchmarking exercise to identify best international practices on consumer protection laws, and has conducted a stakeholder consultation to identify flaws and shortcomings in the existing regulatory framework. IOS Partners, Inc.  is now working on finalizing a series of recommendations to update GACA’s regulatory framework for serving air transport customers, both passengers and users of air freight services. This is expected to lead to the improvement of consumers’ experience, while allowing for the development of air traffic to and from the Kingdom and making it a more attractive investment environment.

Florencia Solano
Florencia Solano
Project Coordinator at IOS Partners, Inc.

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