Private Sector Development

Enabling environments for businesses, and strategy design

IOS Partners has been at the vanguard of innovation in private sector development, providing targeted assistance to government and donor clients focused on program management, creating enabling environments for businesses, and strategy design.

IOS Partners also specializes in providing technical assistance in the development of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and their respective legal, regulatory, and institutional frameworks, technical and financing tools, tender and project development, contract management and negotiation for our donor, corporate, and government clients.

The firm is actively involved in the following areas

We are recognized for private sector development advisory services to our clients across multiple sectors on over seventy-five projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe.

Highlighted projects​


Elaboration of the National Strategy for Private Sector Development

Elaboration of the National Strategy for Private Sector Development

Developed a national strategy for encouraging private sector development, including the facilitation of public-private partnerships

Republic of Georgia

Capacity Building and Advocacy Support for the Georgian Competition Agency

Capacity Building and Advocacy Support for the Georgian Competition Agency

Provided technical assistance to strengthen its institutional capacity and support its advocacy function as a regulator and developed and delivered a training curriculum in the areas of competition economics, quantitative techniques for the enforcement of competition law, and procedural aspects of competition law enforcement. Our team also helped the Authority to raise its profile and ensure that its role and mandate are well understood by the business community, the Government, and the public opinion

Ivory Coast

Study on the Competitiveness of Enterprises in Ivory Coast

Determination of Charges of Access for Utilization of Port and Airport Infrastructure

Analyzed and evaluated the current economic competitiveness of small and medium-size enterprises in relation to national and international competitors and developed a set of recommendations to help reduce the constraints the enterprises face and increase their capacity to enhance competitiveness (Unité de Coordination du Projet d’Appui à la Revitalisation et à la Gouvernance des PME

Anwar Gany

Managing Partner – Asia Pacific

With over 25 years of executive leadership experience in government and the private sector Anwar leads IOS Partners Asia Pacific practice based in Queensland, Australia.

Anwar has a proven track record in shaping strategy and delivering great business outcomes with strong client engagement. Anwar holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Operations Management from Hertfordshire University and a Master of Business Administration (Law) from the University of Southern Queensland.

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