The overarching purpose of the project is to undertake desk studies to support decision-making relative to the funding to support aviation activities in the Indo-Pacific Region. The types of projects IOS Partners, Inc. is evaluating over the contract period include but are not limited to aviation safety, airport safety and security, air navigation services, air traffic management, collaborative decision making, airport sustainability, airport master planning, airline management and operations, energy conservation and emissions reduction, general aviation/fixed base operations, cargo operations, and the use of digital tools and services in aviation operations.

This Desk Study series assesses prospective projects being developed by public and private sector entities for consideration under USTDA funding, aimed to support the development of aviation and airport security systems and the sharing of best practices that would improve the safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability of airport operations in the region.

The project is divided in three (3) main components, as follows:

Component 1: Project Assessments

Review, analysis and assessment of up to six (6) proposed feasibility studies, technical assistance, and pilot projects in eligible countries across the Indo-Pacific Region, submitted for consideration to USTDA for funding by public and private Project sponsors. This is meant to provide a high-level assessment of whether the proposed project meets USTDA’s basic funding criteria and a recommendation on whether USTDA should undertake a full evaluation of the proposed activity.

Component 2: Project Reports

Develop detailed assessments for up to six (6) projects, approved by the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), for USTDA funding consideration. Based on the results of the initial assessment of the project proposals in Component 1, including:

  • Detailed project assessment to determine how USTDA’s funding can be used most effectively to support the implementation of the project(s) identified in the host country;
  • Analyze project sponsor’s commitment and capabilities to undertake the activity and the subsequent Project;
  • Determine the most likely source(s) of implementation financing for the Project;
  • Provide the best estimate of potential procurement of U.S. goods and services for project implementation;
  • Provide a discussion of the foreign competition for goods and services likely to be procured for Project implementation by category;
  • Describe the strategy by which the Project, if implemented, should be evaluated;
  • Provide Development Impact Measure that will result from the Project being implemented, based on the recommendations of the USTDA activity;
  • Preliminary review of the Project’s impact on the environment and conduct a climate resilience screening;
  • Provide an assessment of the impact of the Project on U.S. labor; and
  • Develop Terms of Reference (“TOR”) and detailed budget for each activity that conforms to USTDA’s requirements.
Component 3: Public Market Report

Develop a Public Market Report suitable for publication and dissemination to the general public. The report will not include any business confidential information but will contain sufficient information to be useful to prospective U.S. equipment and service providers. It will also include a list of sources and citations for the information in the report, if applicable.

Picture of Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez
With over 30 years of professional experience, Mr. Gonzalez is a graduated Architect and an accomplished senior program manager and aviation practice leader, who has fostered, initiated, and managed relationships with clients and partners to develop and perform programs and projects worldwide. Mr. Gonzalez has served as a Faculty Member of ACI (Airport Council International) Global Training Program, with bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish; and is certified as Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.

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