IOSsoft Launches Easy Permit Pro, an Online Construction Permit Solution


IOSsoft is proud to announce the launch of Easy Permit Pro, a cutting edge construction permit application. Easy Permit Pro allows citizens and contractors to quickly apply for construction permits, thus avoiding the usual backlogs and delays caused by paperwork and other inefficient bureaucratic practices. This easy to use, low-cost platform runs on any mobile (Android/iOS) or computer device and follows the best practices and standards outlined in the World Bank’ Doing Business Dealing with Construction Permits indicator.

Easy Permit Pro operates on a very simple and efficient mechanism. First, contractors apply online by uploading all the plans, necessary forms and accompanying documents to the portal. The applications are then automatically routed to the appropriate entity and authorized officials based on construction type, building requirements and other elements of the established workflow process. Reviewers can easily evaluate the applications by selecting the errors and omissions from an online glossary of common corrections, provide personalized comments and send them back to the contractors. At this point, the contractors can resubmit the application or request an inspection, which is automatically routed to the authorized inspector for scheduling and review. The inspectors can view the requests either in calendar or Google maps formats, and can create custom inspection checklists and reports to mimic the current inspection process of the city.

According to IOSsoft’s Director and Senior IT Expert, Mr. Pedro Souss,  “this easy plug-and-play solution is specifically designed for municipalities that are interested in cutting bureaucratic lines and building closer relationships with its residents. We are very happy with Easy Permit Pro, which will soon be implemented in Antigua & Barbuda and Belize. Also, I would like to thank our partners from Alfasoft for all their help and technical support during the design and development phases of the product”.

For more information on Easy Permit Pro,please check our website at  or watch our explanatory video on

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