IOS Partners – Elevating Customer Service to Customer Experience at the Orlando Airport

IOS Partners, together with our partner firm, the Institute for Cross Cultural Management (ICCM) at Florida Institute of Technology, is providing consultation on all cultural issues regarding the South Terminal build and the existing North Terminal of the Orlando Airport.

Over the past nine months, we have been engaged in providing advice on cultural implications related to the design elements of the STC as well as elevating the concept of customer service to customer experience.

Our team has researched and prepared a list of factors contributing to world-class airport status from a customer experience perspective and is now preparing specific benchmarks and key performance indicators specific to Orlando International Airport (MCO) based on the identified world-class factors. We are also working with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA), its business partners and customers to identify the ideal Orlando Experience at MCO for different customer groups.

To gain a holistic understanding of the current standing of MCO and its desired future states relevant to GOAA’s goals, a comprehensive gap analysis was conducted to identify potential barriers and to drive actionable recommendations in closing these gaps. IOS Partners and ICCM presented the results of the gap analysis, as well as key recommendations for closing the gaps, in a Senior Leadership meeting held in July. The team also worked with the Senior Leadership staff in reviewing our proposed benchmarks and KPIs at the meeting.

Closing the gaps will result in an enhanced Orlando Experience as identified in the desired state, which will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction, achievement of higher ratings by J. D. Powers, more positive recognition and brand image on social media, and increased revenue for the airport.

Picture of IOS Partners
IOS Partners

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