IOS Partners & IOSsoft to implement the Afghanistan National Single Window & Trade Portal

IOS Partners and its affiliate, IOSsoft, have recently been awarded a US$1.2 million contract from the World Bank to assist the Afghan Customs Department in the implementation of the Afghanistan National Single Window (ANSW) and Afghanistan Trade Information Portal (ATIP).

Afghanistan faces some of the highest transportation costs in the world, which reduce the competitiveness of its […]

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IOSsoft Inc. contributes to the development of the Electronic Invoice Registry in Colombia

We are proud to announce that our wholly owned subsidiary, IOSsoft Inc, has been awarded a contract by the World Bank to provide technical assistance in the development of an electronic invoicing and factoring system for the government of Colombia. 
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Web Summit 2017 – Insights & Impressions

Last week, more than 60,000 tech enthusiasts from 170 countries gathered in Lisbon, Portugal, for the largest technology conference in the world - Web Summit. This year’s event has been featured in the media across the world as one of the the most exciting and impassioned ones, having featured 1,200 world-class speakers not only from the tech community, but also from show business, sports and politics. IOS Partners had their in-house techie and business development team member, Tereza Sacha, on the spot.
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