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In July 2022, IOS Partners, Inc. signed a contract with Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) for Tourism Business Consultancy Services. JSIF is currently implementing the Second Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI II), the focus of which is increasing climate resilient agricultural and community tourism investments for rural enterprises, as well as providing institutional strengthening and capacity building support for public sector entities.

The overall objective of the Tourism Business Consultancy Project is to ensure that REDI II develops a sound business development approach and strategies for the implementation of Project and its subprojects, while keeping to its Project Development Objective.

Currently, IOS Partners, Inc. is undertaking inception activities reaching out to relevant stakeholders and collecting necessary information and documentation to commence assessment activities. Within the framework of this project, the IOS Partners’ team will be supporting the REDI II team in a number of areas including: assessment of the tourism sector, development of business plan guidelines, assessment of financing linkages of REDI II projects with potential financial institutions, development of training programs for different public sector entities, as well as development of a monitoring and evaluation framework to track progress of different projects.

Picture of Katty Metreveli
Katty Metreveli
Director of Project Management, International Development at IOS Partners, Inc.

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