Agribusiness Sector in Madagascar

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In May 2022, IOS Partners signed a 5-month contract to conduct a feasibility study of a sea cucumber hatchery-nursery in the northern region of Diana in Madagascar. Later in June, IOS Partners together with its subcontractor Indian Ocean Trepang (IOT) paid its first visit to the site and met with several local authorities in Diego and Ambanja.

 The team filled out a checklist of 20 indicators to assess the conditions for the viability of the Scabra species, including and, most importantly, the salinity and surface of the area chosen by the Client. Young specimens were also airlifted from Tulear in the South as an experiment to determine if this can be a potential supply route to kickstart the hatchery-nursery. Moreover, the team sampled water at high and low tide as part of a series of salinity tests.

In the following months, IOS Partners and IOT will also be tasked with developing a business plan and a financial model for the growth of the hatchery-nursery. To this end, more site visits and meetings with stakeholders and authorities are expected. IOS Partners and IOT are excited to work hand in hand to empower local fishermen and contribute to the self-sufficiency of Malagasy agriculture.

Quentin Lambert
Quentin Lambert

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