Review and Update of 28 Vision 2030 Jamaica Sector Plans

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In May 2022, IOS Partners, Inc. signed a contract with the Government of Jamaica, represented by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, to review and update the 28 Sector Plans of Vision 2030 Jamaica.

IOS Partners will carry out a detailed review of the Strategic Framework for Development, including the 28 Sector Plans and complementary policy, strategy, and plan documents aligned to the 4 Goals and 15 National outcomes with a view to identifying gaps in the Strategic Framework and recommending how to address those gaps, including the areas to be updated in the Sector Plans. The IOS’ team will also be tasked with preparing Guidelines for use of the Sector Plans to inform each of the Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Frameworks (MTFs) in aligning results-based management processes, and strategic/corporate and operational planning to Vision 2030 Jamaica – Plan implementation.

IOS Partners is looking forward to working with Jamaica’s Ministry of Finance & the Public Service and the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) in the next 7 months in assisting the government to review and update the twenty-eight (28) Sector Plans that build out the strategic road map to advance achievement of the national outcomes, presented in the National Development Plan.

Alessandra Dolabella
Alessandra Dolabella
Project Coordinator at IOS Partners, Inc.

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