Development of Tourism Sector in Djibouti


In September 2021, IOS Partners, Inc. signed a contract with the Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (CLE) to develop the tourism sector activities in the Republic of Djibouti.

IOS Partners has been tasked with identifying priority actions for the development of tourism in Djibouti, focusing especially on supporting young and female entrepreneurs working in the tourism sector. Here, the team will carry out a detailed and complete inventory of the tourism value chain, structure the tourism ‘offer’ through the creation of tourism clusters, market select products, and enhance the capabilities of public and private actors through workshops.

IOS Partners is looking forward to working with the CLE team in the next 18 months in assisting young and female Djiboutian entrepreneurs in bringing new, innovative products to the market, as well as raising awareness on sustainable tourism.

Picture of Sebastian Rossiter
Sebastian Rossiter
Project Manager at IOS Partners, Inc. Project manager with 6 years of experience coordinating development projects in various sectors across Latin America and Africa.

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