Postal Sector Assessment Study


In March 2021, Cape Verde’s Multi-sectoral Regulatory Agency for Economy (ARME) appointed IOS Partners, Inc. as the sole firm to develop a strategy for the country’s postal sector.

The dedicated team will be working on a Macroeconomic analysis and identification of national development factors as well as a postal market regulatory and policy analysis. The experts will provide a thorough review of the trends and examples of current postal reforms worldwide to better and more accurately define the government’s objectives for the postal sector in the context of national development.

IOS will create a custom strategy for the development of Cape Verde’s postal sector objectives by defining the milestones and timelines (regulatory changes, investments, etc.) to achieve the objectives identified above and provide a “roadmap” for the postal market liberalization and a business plan.

The IOS team is excited at the prospect of close collaboration with the Government of Cape Verde to complete the objective of this project in assisting Cape Verde to fully liberalize the postal market within a specified timeframe, taking into consideration the needs and interests of the State and postal sector stakeholders.

IOS Partners
IOS Partners

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