PMO Support, World Bank


In August 2020, IOS Partners was awarded a purchase order under the World Bank Framework Agreement for Management Consulting Services. The purchase order involves provision of program management and enterprise resource planning related service for the World Bank Project Management Office.  The services include but are not limited to:

  • Program scope, deliverables and outcomes tracking, such as documenting the scope and outcomes for all phases of the program, capturing program benefits, tracking program deliverables, supporting stakeholders in monitoring and controlling work-streams, linking work-streams to program objectives and monitoring alignment;
  • Program Resource Planning, including capturing and tracking resource allocations and development of resource estimates;
  • Program Planning and Scheduling, including capturing an integrated program plan that includes all workstreams and dependencies between them, publishing the program schedule, tracking and coordinating program inter-dependencies, monitoring the plan and reporting changes to the Program manager and stakeholders;
  • Program Risk and Issues Management, including documenting the risks, their priority and mitigation plans, following up on mitigation action items, keeping the program risk and issue logs up to date on a weekly basis and publishing them to all stakeholders, risk management through independent verification & validation;
  • Program Status Reporting, tracking and reporting metrics on a regular basis to prioritize and validate program activities and decisions;
  • Program Planning for future-phases, namely developing the potential options for sequencing the program activities in the future phase(s) working with WBG and other vendors, capturing the advantages and disadvantages of the sequencing options, Business and IT skills required, the business continuity plans, change management plans, staffing/resourcing plans and financial plans that depict 100% total cost of ownership; and

Organizational Change Management, including development of a Stakeholder Management Plan to identify stakeholders, analyze their needs, and develop strategies to engage with them throughout the project lifecycle to ensure successful project delivery; development of a Stakeholder Communication and Engagement Plan to identify target audience, tailor message, determine effective communication vehicle and ensure timeliness of messaging; development of a Strategic Training Plan to organize and facilitate learning and employee development to ensure end users have the required skills to perform the job after deployment; and utilizing suite of Customer Experience (CX) best practices to deliver improved mission outcomes and impact.

Katty Metreveli
Katty Metreveli
Director of Project Management, International Development at IOS Partners, Inc.

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