E-Governance Activity (EGA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, USAID


In August 2020, IOS Partners supported as a sub contracter to Millenium Partners with selected activities for the e-construction permitting system in 5 selected municipalities in FBiH and RS, and benefits and beneficiaries for the RS and FBiH under the 5-year E-Governance Activity (EGA) funded by USAID. The overall objective of the assignment is to support initiatives to increase transparency and decrease corruption in targeted government-led processes, which include interactions between public officials, potential investors, local businesses, and citizens. The focus area of the activity is digitalization as a tool for fighting corruption. A comprehensive set of initiatives will be employed to tackle interoperability issues between the different levels of the BiH governments (State BiH, Republika Srpska, Federation of BiH), while enhancing the efficiency of the governmental institutions responsible for providing different services to businesses and citizens. This activity is also focused on improving transparency in government-led processes and increasing participation of the private sector and citizens in public proceedings and decision-making processes. The main activities are:

  • Assisting local authorities to adopt the country-wide e-signature service;
  • Automating processes that have an immediate, positive impact on BIH’s citizens and businesses by reducing corruption and improving the efficiency of administration in USAID-selected Government to Government (G2G), Government to Business (G2B), and Government to Citizens (G2C) services. This entails development and implementation of Inspection Services Information Management System (IMS) for the entity inspections, and E-construction Permitting System/Municipal Pilots;
  • Assisting the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) for increased transparency, risk mitigation, and enhanced scrutiny in processes related to public procurements/tenders by automating processes; and
  • Increasing the technical capacity of the governmental institutions to work with the public and empower the selected watchdog organizations over the government-led processes for increased scrutiny.
Masa Cosic
Masa Cosic
Deputy Director, International Development at IOS Partners, Inc.

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