Provision of Technical Assistance for the Enhancement of the Civil Aviation System to the Federal Government of Somalia


IOS Partners, Inc. was contracted by the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to enhance the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Mogadishu, Somalia. This is part of a joint consultant/government effort to establish a comprehensive organizational change in the civil aviation sector, following the full operational handover of national airspace control from Kenya to Somalia in July 2019.

This initiative aims to establish a fully functional and self-sustaining CAA that is materially, technically and technologically resourced to discharge its regulatory and oversight responsibilities.

IOS Partners has so far played an integral role in assisting the Somalian Government with the review of the current Civil Aviation Act. Following the recent enactment of this regulatory framework, the IOS Partners team of experts will carry out the following activities:

  • Design and plan the SCAA’s organizational structure;
  • Develop an HR plan and staffing training policy for the SCAA;
  • Assess the SCAA’s infrastructural and support service needs;
  • Analyze the financial requirements and feasibility to implement a new self-sustaining business model for the SCAA;
  • Draft regulatory frameworks for personnel licensing, air navigation services, aviation security, aerodromes, airworthiness of aircraft and flight operations;
  • Develop technical and operating regulations, including guidance materials and tools for the aviation industry in Somalia;
  • Recruit, train and build the capabilities of staff to conduct regulatory and oversight functions; and
  • Issue licenses and authorizations in the different aviation domains.

During the following three years, IOS Partners’ work will provide insights into the multiple challenges facing the future of the Authority and its ability to deliver on its mission in a sustainable manner. By the end of the project, the CAA of Somalia is expected to regulate and oversee the aviation sector with full capacity and legal authority.

The IOS Partners team is proud to collaborate with our colleagues in Somalia to ensure the needs of the SCAA are fully met.

Picture of Florencia Solano
Florencia Solano
Project Coordinator at IOS Partners, Inc.

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