Comprehensive Capacity Study for Yangon International Airport in Myanmar


IOS Partners, Inc. was subcontracted to assist the Spanish engineering advisory firm AIRIA in conducting a comprehensive capacity study for Yangon International Airport in Myanmar. The project – managed and financed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) – aims to measure the current capacity and future capacity needs of the airport following a sharp increase in air traffic in recent years, having grown from 2.0 to 6.4 million annual passengers over the past decade. Foreseeing continued rapid growth for the foreseeable future, the airport is seeking to determine the infrastructure and equipment investments that may be required in the medium to longer-term to accommodate this demand.

IOS Partners was specifically hired to elaborate a traffic forecast to determine a daily profile of aircraft and passenger movements up until the airport reaches a total of 20 million passengers per year. IOS Partners experts manage this by calculating forecasted passenger growth rates that consider historical traffic trends, current and future expected socio-economic development at the national and regional level and any new public and/or private development and extension plans to develop the airport, introduce new air routes and change aircraft fleet mixes. 

IOS Partners’ work will be the basis for key inputs to be used in airport modeling and simulations prepared by AIRIA as part of the final tasks to implement the comprehensive capacity study of Yangon International Airport.

IOS Partners is pleased to work alongside our partners in an effort to help contribute to the capacity study for Yangon International Airport, a key factor in securing Yangon and Myanmar’s socio-economic development for the long-term.

Picture of Sebastian Rossiter
Sebastian Rossiter
Project Manager at IOS Partners, Inc. Project manager with 6 years of experience coordinating development projects in various sectors across Latin America and Africa.

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