Aviation Sector Strategy: Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project


IOS Partners, Inc. was contracted by the Ministry of Communication and Aviation (MCA) and the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) of Solomon Islands to undertake Component C of the Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP), implemented through the support of the World Bank.

The main objective of this assignment is to develop an Aviation Sector Strategy for the Solomon Islands Government (SIG). This strategy includes a thorough analysis of the impact and interrelations with other key sectors (e.g., tourism, maritime, disaster response, etc.) and environmental/social impacts.

The project, expected to last 10 months in total, is divided into the following phases where IOS Partners is responsible for:

  • Assessment and analysis of aviation sector enabling legislative frameworks, traffic projections, air traffic control services, infrastructure policy, and regulatory aspects;
  • Development of an Aviation Sector Strategy suitable for implementation, including identification of possible funding mechanisms to support the future growth of the industry;
  • Preparation of practical recommendations for the SIG to support the future policy developments and reforms in the sector; and
  • Development of a practical blueprint for implementation of selected options, including a timeframe for immediate, short-term, medium and longer-term planning.

By the project’s end, the IOS Partners team will have developed a strategy that will form the basis of the aviation policy for the Solomon Islands and will be implemented through MCA, CAASI, SIACL and other relevant government departments.

Picture of Alessandra Dolabella
Alessandra Dolabella
Project Coordinator at IOS Partners, Inc.

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