Feasibility Study for Nacala Airport City and an Industrial Zone Within


In February of 2017, IOS Partners was contracted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Integrated Growth Poles Project (IGGP), through funding from the International Development Association (IDA), World Bank, to provide assistance to the Agency for Investment and Export Promotion (IPX) to implement a Feasibility Study for Nacala Airport City and an Industrial Zone within. For Phase I of the study, the team conducted a rigorous benchmarking exercise comparing local, regional and global economic zones to determine competitive advantage of the Airport City. Phase I work also included detailed industry analysis, rapid site assessment and a demand forecast of 20 years for both – the Airport City and the Industrial Zone within.  

In July of 2019, IOS Partners received approval of Phase I work and has been given the mandate to proceed with Phase II activities of the study, which includes a high-level, concept master plan and a phasing plan for the Airport City; as well as a detailed, best practice master plan and a planning framework for the Industrial Zone. The Final Feasibility Study, which will be produced at the end of Phase II, will, in addition to the master plans, include all on and off-site infrastructure requirements, and associated costs; and high-level on-site infrastructure/utility concept plans for roads, water (potable/gray), electricity, storm water/drainage, wastewater/sewerage, wastewater treatment plant, and telecommunications, as well as financial and economic models to assess the financial viability of the project and determine its economic benefits to the wider public.

Creation of this Airport City and the Industrial Zone within, if determined viable, will positively affect the local community and the country in general by generating additional economic activity, promoting investment from domestic and foreign sources, creating employment and developing additional infrastructure facilities.

Katty Metreveli
Katty Metreveli
Director of Project Management, International Development at IOS Partners, Inc.

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