Passenger Terminal EXPO & CONFERENCE Comes to RAI Amsterdam in 2017

Our Director of Aviation, Dr. Patricia Ryan, co-chaired the annual Passenger Terminal Conference  held in Amsterdam in March.  Dr. Ryan assisted in creating the theme for the topics to be presented in the Commercial Business track “Creating the Best-in-Class or World Class Airport”,  She also moderated all the three day conference agenda for the Business Development, Concessions Development and Marketing/social media and technology sessions.  Dr. Ryan and Carolyn Fennell, Director of Public Affairs and Community  Relations of the Orlando International Airport, spoke on “Characteristics of a World Class Airport”.  They presented their research over the past year in synthesizing all the factors that contribute to creating a world-class airport.   Dr. Ryan is recognized for her ability to create interesting conference themes with the most qualified speakers  in the world that are most capable of addressing information on developing airports that are the best in class.  This conference participation enables her to keep abreast of the latest trends for IOS Partners’ clients..  An example of one forward thinking presentation in her sessions included presentations on the future of airports given Generation Z.  As moderator of the session, she challenged the airport industry to change their thinking to a more flexible approach. She noted that airport infrastructure will have to change so designers and architects must consider rethinking the current structure and contract structures and language within the contract will also need to change so that concepts may change as required rather than retaining a concept for ten years with perhaps diminishing revenues.  Over 6,500 people attended the Conference and Exhibition this year.

One of the challenges Dr. Ryan and Carolyn Fennell noted in their presentation was aligning strategic  goals with departmental goals which relate to world class factors, and then conducting a gap analysis with an action plan on closing the gap. Also as explained in their presentation, IOS Partners is assisting Orlando International Airport with identifying any gaps, bridging the gaps, and creating benchmarks and key performance indicators for each department to close any gaps that may be identified.  IOS Partners is assisting with the international cultural consulting through a contract with the Greater Orlando  Airport Authority (GOAA).  IOS Partners’ has provided over 80 comments on the design of the Orlando International Airport’s new South Terminal, supported the creation of a Protocol Room and a Serenity Room for all faiths in the new terminal, and is conducting focus groups to give the airport better information on the traveler’s perception of their experience in travelling through the Orlando International Airport.  IOS Partners is also assisting in providing cultural competency training and cultural primers for GOAA executive staff.  The South Terminal is expected to open in 2020 and IOS Partners is assisting the airport in creating a world class structure, amenities and a customer experience attitude throughout all 18,000 employees, business partners and contractors.

For more information on aviation capabilities or to learn more about the world class factors, please contact Dr. Patricia Ryan, Director of Aviation, IOS Partners, at

Author: Dr. Patricia Ryan, IOS  Partners, Inc

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