Organizational Development

IOS Partners provides our clients with professional expertise in Human Resources Management, institutional development and strengthening, change management, diagnostic and functional reviews, public sector management and administration, strategic realignment, divestment, and business process improvement and re-engineering for public enterprises undergoing restructuring. The firm has extensive experience managing complex institutional change processes in the public sector and has a strong history of managing large-scale international projects. We have integrated and focused our various services to enable our clients to achieve high performance by developing their organizations through a participative approach and increase their efficiency and effectiveness through: building commitment among employees; meeting rising expectations in a global environment; maintaining services under budget cutbacks; and, handling complex and changing work practices.

IOS Partners has a strong record of accomplishment in international development assignments, focusing on the following main areas:

  1. Reform planning and management, implementation, and monitoring of change
  2. Institutional strengthening and improving organizational performance
  3. Revenue enhancement through targeted remuneration strategy and system, position evaluation, and performance management
  4. Improving human resources management and information technology
  5. Capacity building, training, and management development