Training & Capacity Building

IOS Partners is recognized around the world for our experience as providers of innovative training and capacity building programs to improve the ability of individuals and organizations to achieve key business goals. The key to our success has always been our ability to tailor our “training plan” to different recipient groups so that they can understand how to further develop their skills in relation to their specific roles within a new system environment.

IOS Partners is cognizant of the fact that the sustainability and success of projects in the long-term relies upon the fostering of national understanding and local expertise. As such, we design our approaches to ensure a continued, high-level knowledge transfer to our clients.

IOS Partners works on the principle of delivering lasting and sustainable results, allowing for the ramifications of our work to continue after the successful completion of our assignment. As part of this ethos, we have adopted the “Train-the-Trainer” approach in our capacity building missions. This ensures a transfer of knowledge between our experts and counterpart staff or key stakeholders in order to allow them to continue to pass such knowledge on to other members of their organizations.

Our training programs are generally based on a seven-tier approach as illustrated below.


The firm currently provides ongoing airport training courses in English, French and Spanish on Safety Management Systems, Introduction to Annex 14 (Airport Safety), Master Planning and Airport Operation Fundamentals, Air Traffic Forecasting, and Introduction to Airport Operations in several countries worldwide. In addition, IOS has designed, conducted and rolled-out several PPP training courses worldwide. This includes the development of curriculum and content for courses aimed at enhancing core PPP skills among staff working across a variety of functional areas ranging from finance, accounts and audit to engineering, energy, health and education.