eGovernment Registries

Our firm provides the requisite expertise to support the establishment of government registers. These solutions store important public information that can be continually checked and updated, providing critical data relating to registration notices for secured transactions, business registrations, and construction permits. These online portals have a drastic impact on the accessibility of information, which provides clarity on the business environment and equips businesses and individuals with the materials necessary to make informed decisions in the commercial context.

Establishing e-Government registries of this nature prove critical to the improvement of countries’ rankings in the following Doing Business indicators. Specifically, such solutions address the following key criteria under the indicators: Starting a Business, Dealing with Construction Permits, Registering Property, and Enforcing Contracts. With fifteen years of experience in the design and delivery of ICT solutions to public sector entities in emerging markets, the IOS Partners team has successfully developed and implemented a number of e-Government platforms, including Secured Transaction Collateral Registries and Business Registries. In fact, the quality of our proposed open-source solution for Secured Transactions Registries has been recognized by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation. The “Secured Transactions Systems and Collateral Registries” publication jointly issued by the institutions in January 2010 highlights the cases of Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, developed and implemented by members of the IOS Team, as “Examples of Counterparts and Champions in Secured Transactions Reform Projects”.

The implementation of online government registers provides critical information to individuals and businesses alike and is an essential step in establishing central hubs for the seamless exchange of public information to facilitate commercial enterprise. IOS Partners is well positioned to assist our Clients with such reforms.