Business Process Simplification

We can assist our Clients in enhancing their business operations through diagnostics, process reform, and solution development. Specifically, we walk organizations and businesses through the following:

Diagnostics of systems and analysis of deficiencies
Objective-based analyses
Design and enhancement of legal, regulatory, and governance frameworks, focusing on increasing efficiency and effectiveness (reduction of costs and time taken)
Automation of new systems, be they operational, administrative, financial, or virtual

Our project management approach is based on the Agile management methodology, which refers to an iterative, incremental method of managing the design which encompasses activities in engineering, information technology, and other business areas to provide new products or services in a highly flexible and interactive manner. This methodology works “outside of the box” and breaks from the conventional Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), bringing creative thinking to software development.

Our approach is a fully compatible harmonization of standards, rules and processes defined in the “Project Management Body of Knowledge” (PMBOK) framework, issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In addition, our software development methodology is based on Business Process Modeling (BPM) techniques, adapted to fit the twelve modern software development principles of the Agile Manifesto and enriched by lessons learned from our own experience.