Through our wholly-owned IT affiliate, IOSsoft, Inc., the firm has provided specialized consulting services to address the complex requirements involved in the promotion and development of information technology solutions, such as the design of e-government portals and web-based applications. Information systems are critical to government agencies, impacting not only the efficiency of internal processes, but also the ability for governments to meet the needs of citizens, businesses, and other public sector entities. Government agencies need IT solutions that make better use of funds by mitigating risks, eliminating redundancies, optimizing operational processes, and establishing strong, flexible foundations for the future. Agencies require solutions that deliver results today and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

IOSsoft offers top credentials, a deep understanding of international economic development and government multilateral contracting with expertise in complex Information System and Information Technology solutions, and worldwide experience across a broad range of sectors. IOSsoft helps organizations to streamline their systems and implement e-government, as well as to manage databases, evaluate IT investment options and develop IS/IT strategic approaches. The interdisciplinary team of information system and information technology experts works on different areas such as modernization needs, legacy systems migration, communications systems development, client server and web-based applications development. IOSsoft embraces its clients’ missions and works with them from strategy and design through system implementation and training/capacity building.

     Areas of expertise include:

     Custom solutions include:

  • E-government strategy and transformation

  • Business process re-engineering

  • IT planning and strategy

  • IT architectural design, testing and integration

  • Interactive website development

  • Systems analysis, engineering & implementation

  • Security, operations and maintenance

  • Quality assurance and testing

  • Secured Transactions Systems

  • Single Window Systems

  • Trade Portals

  • Management Information Systems

  • E-government Portals

  • National Business Central Registers

  • On-Site Bank Supervision Systems

  • Anti-Money Laundering Control Systems

  • Judicial Case Tracking Systems

  • National Debit Systems Applications