Ports & Maritime

  • Brazil – Traffic and Revenue Review of Embraport – Conducted a port traffic and revenue review of Embraport Container Terminal highlighting key findings and outlining any potential inadequacies in the existing studies and/or projections already in place by the Sponsors (Embraport Container Terminal/Global Insight, 2007)
  • Cape Verde – Consulting Services for Retrenchment Study of Ports under Privatization – Led a micro-manpower study and assisted the government in implementing a staff down-sizing program prior to divestiture/concession into a PPP; prepared a time-bound action plan; and, developed personnel policies and incentive schemes based on labor, financial, and resource analyses (World Bank, 2007-2010)
  • Cape Verde – Technical Assistance for Structuring the Maritime and Port Agency in Cape Verde – hired to streamline the organizational, administrative and human resources management functions of the Agence Maritime et Portuaire (AMP) in view of improving its management and efficiency (AMP, 2015-2016)
  • Comoros Islands – Strategy and Financial Advisors on the Privatization of the two Main Ports of the Comoros Islands – Conducted the privatization process of Moroni and Mutsamudu ports, the main ports of the country, in order to achieve reductions in port costs and corresponding user charges; improvements in vessel and container turnaround times; encouragement of greater investment in port infrastructure; improvements in labor arrangements and productivity; and, safe and environmentally friendly marine operations in the Comoros ports (World Bank, 1997)
  • Haiti – Privatization of the Ports, Telecom and Airport Infrastructure – advised on strategy development, transaction preparation, negotiation and drafting of documents related to the ports and airports privatization process (World Bank, 1997)
  • Kenya -Consultancy Services for Productivity Improvement Programme (Advocacy Campaign, Organizational Review and Labour Situation Assessment) at the Port of Mombasa – Worked on an advocacy campaign, organization and labor assessment study and undertook a capacity building and training needs assessment study in order to improve potential for human capital development within the Kenya Ports Authority and the Port of Mombasa workforce (Kenya Ports Authority (KPA)/TradeMark East Africa, 2014-2015)
  • Maldives – PPP Options for the Port of Malé Expansion – Conducted a feasibility study for the expansion and modernization of the Port of Malé, specifically assisting the government in determining a new location, selecting an appropriate PPP contract structure, recommending legislative and regulatory reforms to address gaps, assessing the private sector’s appetite, and improving throughput capacity (World Bank, 2007)
  • Maldives – Revision of Transport Master Plan – Updated cargo projection for the Malé port, options and recommendations, and determined the cargo demand and annual growth rates for 2017-2032 (ADB, 2013)
  • Peru – Determination of Charges of Access for Utilization of Port and Airport Infrastructure – Developed conceptual and methodological frameworks for determination of access charges to port and airport infrastructure services (Organismo Supervisor de la Inversión en Infraestructura de Transporte de Uso Público (OSITRAN), 2007)
  • Peru – Regulatory Issues in Transport Sector – Development of Multi Sector Regulator in Peru – OSITRAN– Provided technical assistance in the development of regulation for ports, roads, airports, and railway infrastructure with the goals to strengthen the regulatory capacity with regard to tariff setting and review and to minimize the information asymmetry so that economic and financial performance of transport concessions could be better monitored (World Bank, 2001-2002)
  • Philippines –Privatization and Commercialization Strategy of The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority – Assisted in the development of an overall framework to guide the Subic Bay Metropolitan
    Authority in its commercialization, privatization, and organizational restructuring efforts (World Bank, 1999-2000)
  • Solomon Islands – Diagnostic Assessment of Inter-Island Transport – reviewed the status of interisland (air and sea) transport services to determine constraints to their development, and developed strategies for improving efficiency and effectiveness. In the maritime sector, conducted a thorough review of domestic shipping and documented the operational status of domestic service operators, their fleets and other assets, routes and markets, competitors and partners, safety management, organizational structure, and human resources. Also reviewed regulatory and legislative frameworks and identified impediments to private sector development and prepared an action plan for restructuring operations and institutions (ADB, 2005-2007)
  • Vanuatu – Interisland Shipping Support Project – Establishment of the Maritime Safety Administration – Assisted the government to improve the condition of maritime infrastructure, service provision and safety through the establishment of the Vanuatu Maritime Safety Administration (VMSA) (Asian Development Bank/ Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, Vanuatu/ Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities – 2013-2016)